Beowulf The Brave, book review


Title: Beowulf the Brave
retold by: Oakley Graham
illustrated by: Emi Ordás
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

A brave little boy steps into the big boots of his hero, Beowulf the Brave, in this retelling of the epic poem. But will he defeat the scary monsters that threaten the land?

Children love stories that begin with ‘once upon a time’. Beowulf the Brave, retold by author, Oakley Graham, starts with these exciting words and continues as a rhyming poem, telling the story of Grendel, who was an unstoppable beast that hated laughter. No swords or spears could defeat the foul creature, not even an army of men.

But then there was Beowulf. He was brave. He launched an attack and knocked the monster down flat and sent him to the grave. The act set off a revenge attack by Grendel’s mother, who then was defeated by Beowulf with a giant’s sword. Beowulf becomes a hero of course, and is crowned as the new king.

All is peaceful in the kingdom until a cruel fiery dragon’s great hoard of treasure is disturbed, and King Beowulf the Brave must fight a new battle in his armour…

Illustrator, Emi Ordás, has created appealing pictures that fit the era of the original poem, which was set in Scandinavia, 6th century. The illustrations will have children wishing they could become a character in the story to join in the adventure.

Children will enjoy Beowulf the Brave and want it read over again. It is a fast paced rhyming poem that is based on the longest poem in Old English. The original poem was more than 3,000 lines long!

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Title: Beowulf the Brave
retold by: Oakley Graham
illustrated by: Emi Ordás
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925275933
Category: children’s
Pages: 32


Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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