Weird Weirder Weirdest – a book review


Title: Weird Weirder Weirdest
written & illustrated by: Martii Maclean
Publisher: Kooky Cat Books

Children’s Chapter Book author, Martii Maclean will have you turning the pages with her collection of short stories in ‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’. The seven stories, suitable for children aged 8+, will have both kids and parents giggling, sniggering and laughing out loud.

But beware, behind some of the most hilarious parts are pieces of truth that every child and adult alike will see, and some may even recognise pieces of themselves in the characters or situations.

Besides being an entertaining read, ‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’ has some main characters as bullies, in relatable real life situations, and all children and grown-ups will delight when they receive their “just desserts”.

‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’ is a perfect book of short stories that can be read independently, or as a book to read together at home. It contains pertinent concepts that every child will experience or witness at school, and Martii Maclean’s writing opens the incidents up for discussion.

In educational settings, ‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’ would be ideal to read a short story a day, and to encourage students to write their own ‘weird’ story. It would also to suitable to open the discussion topic of bullying, and the power of the bystander.

P_work_girl-2-232x300Comprehensive teaching notes (26 pages) for schools (with Australian Curriculum links), homeschooling and home, can be found at: well as a colouring page for each short story – making it the perfect teaching resource.

‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’, written and illustrated by Martii Maclean has something for everyone. If you love Paul Jennings short stories, you will love this book too.

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Title: Weird Weirder Weirdest
Author: Martii Maclean
ISBN: 978-0-9945408-2-9 (print book)
ISBN:978-0-9945408-3-6 (eBook)
Publisher: Kooky Cat Books
First Published in Australia: 2017
Page Count: 102 pages

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper, a book review


Title: Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper
by: Alan Horsfield
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Despite their best attempts to be noticed, Morris and Rudi Hooper have never received much acclaim. But this is all about to change when big brother Rudi grabs the spotlight for his rather dubious involvement in the local “Tidy Towns” scheme. Much to little brother Morris’s embarrassment, Rudi is now Sandbar’s official doggie droppings ranger! As the Hooper parents’ pride grows, so does Morris’s trepidation. Will Rudi’s gross new pursuit end in disaster as Morris suspects just when fame is finally within reach? Or can Morris get to the bottom of the rather messy problem before everything hits the fan?

I must admit, with the title of Alan Horsfield’s chapter book, ‘Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper’, I was expecting a book full of corny toilet humour story-lines. However, as I settled into the book, I discovered it was a well-written story about family, siblings and town pride, plus dog poop, and I became a fan of Rudi Hooper, who cleaned up the mess that nobody else would.

Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper is a book full of everything—problems, conflict, cheating, inventions, sibling rivalry then support, all tied in very nicely with a large dose of humour. Every child, person and dog will relate to this story. Everyone has seen that person walking a dog, who, as the dog goes down into the poop squat, looks away, then charges off immediately afterward, not caring to scoop up the offending deposit left by the dog. Thankfully, Rudi has a solution for the problem, and gains fans and fame—almost in a good way, and totally in a dramatic way that will have kids in fits of giggles.

Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper is guaranteed to capture the attention of children. They’ll be struggling to hold in bellies full of laughter from the opening pages of this action-packed book. Their curiosity as to finding out what happens next will become like an unquenchable thirst. There is no doubt this book will be a go to for a second read.

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Title: Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper
By: Alan Horsfield
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925675160
Category: Children
Pages: 62

This book was given to Julieann by Big Sky Publishing for review


Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Gang of Thieves, a book review


Title: Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Gang of Thieves
by: Jane Smith
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

School camp can be fun, but not when it’s run by a nasty bully who picks on Tommy Bell and his friends. But when Tommy’s magic cabbage-tree hat takes him back in time to meet up with Ben Hall and his gang, Tommy discovers that even in the gold rush days there were bullies … and they were on both sides of the law!

They also really knew how to make trouble …

Multi-published author, Jane Smith, has captured the life of bushranger, Ben Hall, with accurate observation through the eyes of a fictional young character, Tommy Bell.

Tommy is on school camp at the town of Young, an old goldmining town. He lists the good and bad things about going on a school camp, but the worst thing about this camp is one of the leaders, Mr Porter. He is just outright mean and nasty. In fact, he is a bully. A grown-up bully! It’s during one of Mr Porter’s bullying rants that he shoves Tommy’s woven ‘straw-like’ hat made from the leaves of a cabbage-tree onto Tommy’s head, and in an instant, he finds himself back in time. He notices that the air is fresher and the birdsong louder, before a man enters Tommy’s time-travel adventure – Ben Hall (9 May 1837 – 5 May 1865) – an Australian bushranger.

Tommy joins Ben Hall and his accomplices—Johnny Gilbert, John O’Meally and Patrick Daley. They ride on horseback to a placed named Little Wombat, a goldfield near Young. When they enter Mr Soloman’s store, a gun battle breaks out: Tommy has just witnessed a robbery. Tommy hangs around with the bushrangers for a little longer before he removes his time-travel hat and returns to his school camp where his friend finds gold. However, the callous Mr Porter claims the gold as his, gets angry and shoves Tommy’s hat back onto his head. Tommy travels back in time again to Ben Hall, and the scene of another hold-up: a failed bank robbery.

Tommy also witnesses other incidents with Ben Hall in this action-packed chapter book that will have readers turning the pages. Another bonus to this Bushranger Boy series can be found the final pages of the book—a chapter called ‘Historical Note’, which contains a photograph of Ben Hall and interesting information about his life.

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Gang of Thieves, is the fifth book in the Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy collection. It’s a remarkable Australian series where fictional characters watch Australian history unfold before their eyes. I highly recommend it for schools, independent readers, and for kids who love Australian history.

I’m looking forward to Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy Book 6 due for release in 2019, titled Mrs Thunderbolt.

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Title: Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Gang of Thieves
by: Jane Smith
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925675238
Category: children
Pages: 100
Subject: Bushranger, Adventure series

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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Wombat Warriors – a book review




Wombat Warriors
by: Samantha Wheeler
Publisher: University of Queensland Press




Mouse by name, mouse by nature. Mouse is not prepared for her last-minute stay at Aunt Evie’s. How will she cope at a new school without her parents around?
But before Mouse has even unpacked her suitcase, she makes a new friend – a wombat called Miss Pearl! Suddenly, being in a strange cottage doesn’t seem so bad, especially when she can snuggle up with a wombat.

Mouse soon learns that not everyone in the area loves wombats, including Aunt Evie’s landlord, a sheep farmer who destroys them on sight.

Can Mouse find her voice in time to keep her furry friends safe?

You have a wombat for a pet? I don’t, but Aunt Evie does in Samantha Wheeler’s chapter book, Wombat Warriors.

Action packed from the first words, we follow a girl named Mouse as she comes to live with her Aunt Evie for six weeks, by necessity. The Brisbane city girl is thrown into a South Australian country setting, and has to quickly learn to adapt to the farm way of life, good and bad, happy and heartbreaking, challenging and rewarding.

Wombats are incredibly adorable creatures. And there is no doubt that you will love them even more when you meet Miss Pearl and read about her cheeky antics. Intrigue sets in however, after we meet farm boy, Harry. He has a secret he keeps close to his heart. Meanwhile, the main character, Mouse, who has a small voice but a very big heart, finds that her love for wombats helps her to break through her introverted nature to become a true wombat warrior.

This primary school age chapter book will have you turning the pages as you read the inspiring tale that has wildlife conservation at the heart. You will fall in love with three wombats: Miss Pearl, Willow and Fatticake, and their cute wombat-edness will find an extra-special place in your heart. Readers will be rolling their eyes at Aunt Evie and the way she always gets the end of clichés wrong. Plus there’s the cranky Mrs Campbell, who will keep you guessing about her behaviour until the end.

Author, Samantha Wheeler has cleverly woven wombat facts into her story, as well as adding a section at the back of the book called “WOMBAT-OLOGY”. Wombat Warriors is most definitely an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable book for all children, especially those who are animal lovers with a passion for conservation. I highly recommend this book for independent readers, shared reading, and for use in educational settings.

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Title: Wombat Warriors
by: Samantha Wheeler
Publisher: UQP
ISBN: 978 0 7022 5958 6
Category: Children’s & Young Adult
Pages: 192

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
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