Digby and the Yodelayhee … Who? a book review


Title: Digby and the Yodelayhee … Who?
by: Renee Price
illustrated by: Anil Tortop
Publisher: Create It Kids

What could it be?…
Digby Fixit is perplexed. What or who is making that super-duper sound?
Join Digby and his very-bestest friends, as they help solve the mystery of the noisy noise, with some toe-tapping fun along the way.

Digby and the Yodelayhee … Who? book trailer

After reading Digby and the Yodelayhee … Who? by talented author and musician, Renee Price, you will find yourself in a yodelay-ing hip mood. Renee has cleverly incorporated musical instruments, onomatopoeia, repetition of words and a mystery into her tale – all ingredients that will make this book a favourite on anyone’s bookshelf. And as the icing on the cake, Renee has recorded her own catchy song to accompany the book.
 Listen to Digby’s Jam here:  https://soundcloud.com/renee-price/digbys-jam

The ever-incredible illustrator, Anil Tortop, has created colourful pictures throughout the book, ensuring children’s eyes are glued to the tale as it unwinds. She has also added a curious cat who is up to mischief on most of the page spreads, that is sure to delight. Watch Anil drawing in action:  https://vimeo.com/190977962 



I highly recommend Digby and the Yodelayhee … Who?
It is a feel good book with multi-dimensions that can be used in many ways.
For educational settings, students will love joining in with the actions of the music, as well as creating their own musical instruments to go with the story. An essential activity to accompany this book would be to have students retell the story from the cat’s point of view. This is an essential book to have at home, school or the library.

Purchase a copy: http://www.createitkids.com.au/product/digbyandtheyodelayheewho/
Be sure to check out Renee Price’s first book, Digby’s Moon Mission http://www.createitkids.com.au/shop/


Title: Digby and the Yodelayhee … Who?
by: Renee Price
illustrated by: Anil Tortop
Publisher: Create It Kids
ISBN: 9780992345754
Category: children 2-7 years
Pages: 24


Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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