Harrison’s Song – a book review


Title: Harrison’s Song
Written by: Harrison Craig
Illustrated by: Ann-Marie Finn
Published by: Wombat Books

Harrison is a bit different to the other kids.
Each time he tries to speak, he stutters. No matter how hard he tries, his tongue feels tied up in knots. That is, until one day when Harrison discovers his talent …
Harrison’s Song tells the story of how Harrison overcame adversity because he just wanted to share the love and words inside him.

Harrison’s Song is a book of triumph. It’s a true story about a boy with a speech impediment who became a target for teasing and isolation at school. But through the difficult days, Harrison found something unique to himself. Something that would lift him higher than he ever thought he could go. Something that made him shine through and above his stuttering.

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Harrison Craig on ‘The Voice – Australia’

Harrison Craig has not only gifted his voice to the world through singing, he has now gifted children his words through his story, Harrison’s Song, encouraging children to believe that good things will come, and that when times are tough, it takes courage to step outside your comfort zone.

This picture book is not just for children, however. It is for parents as well. Watching a child lose their bounce and happiness due to bullying at school is heart wrenching and beyond devastating, and parents always battle to find something that will return confidence and happiness to their child to restore balance to their world again. Harrison Craig’s book, Harrison’s Song, oozes with hope for parents and children alike.

Harrison Craig with illustrator, Ann-Marie Finn at The Mad Hatters Bookshop

Children love illustrations in picture books. They grab the attention of the reader way before the words are read. And illustrator, Ann-Marie Finn, has done this from the outset with the front cover, where she has portrayed Harrison Craig singing on ‘The Voice, Australia’, which he won in 2013. Ann-Marie has captured the essence of Harrison Craig with her colourful illustrations throughout the story. The depiction of his feelings in the facial expressions draws the reader to make an emotional connection with Harrison, experiencing his sadness, his worry and his self-doubt, then finally his immense happiness while he is singing, leaving the reader with a positive vibe of satisfaction and achievement.

Children are often surprised to hear the back-story of famous people and their journey of difficulties, and Harrison’s story is no exception. This book will open up discussion in homes and educational settings about people around them, and help to focus on strength and ability, instead of perceived weakness and disability. Everyone has a light within them, ready to shine to make the world a better place.


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Title: Harrison’s Song
Author: Harrison Craig
Illustrator: Ann-Marie Finn
Publisher: Wombat Books
ISBN: 978-1925563122 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-925563-11-5 (paperback)
Category: children
Pages: 32

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
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The Three Legged Kangaroo From Uluru – a book review

3 legged uluru



The Three Legged Kangaroo From Uluru
By Michelle Worthington
Illustrated by Dave Atze
Published by Big Sky Publishing



The three legged kangaroo from Uluru is different. But when a man with a tan in a funny red van stumbles into the outback, this little kangaroo sets off on an amazing journey from the red rock to the blue waves. He discovers that belonging to a family is about celebrating what makes us unique.

The magnificent Uluru, sun, surf, beach and a Kombi van, plus Australian animals—it’s all in The Three Legged Kangaroo From Uluru, written  by multi-published, international award winning author Michelle Worthington, and wonderfully illustrated by Dave Atze.

A young kangaroo is laughed at by others, as his kinked tail makes him look like he has three legs instead of two. When a red rickety, ticket Kombi van comes looking for the beach but accidentally rocks up in the middle of Australia at Uluru, the three legged kangaroo greets the tourists with kindness, and hears about ‘waves’ in W.A. The three legged kangaroo joins his new friends and goes in search of the famous waves. With a new found love of surfing, the kangaroo masters riding the waves with an incredibly perfect balance, and discovers a new tribe of people who celebrate his success and uniqueness, and accept him as he is.

Illustrator, Dave Atze, has created an adorable kangaroo with varying facial expressions that give the character an instant likeable status. The colours throughout the book are vibrant, inviting and fun, and you will find yourself smiling due to the huge dose of cuteness that oozes from the kangaroo on every page.

Children will enjoy this feel good story. They will join in with the chanting of the kangaroo’s name as the new friends celebrate the new member of their beach family. The Three Legged Kangaroo From Uluru is a wonderful tale highly recommended for discussion about choosing to look at ability, instead of focusing on disability.

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title: The Three Legged Kangaroo From Uluru
author: Michelle Worthington
illustrator: Dave Atze
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925520392 (PB)
ISBN: 9781925520415 (HB)
Category: Children
Pages: 32

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
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