Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper, a book review


Title: Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper
by: Alan Horsfield
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Despite their best attempts to be noticed, Morris and Rudi Hooper have never received much acclaim. But this is all about to change when big brother Rudi grabs the spotlight for his rather dubious involvement in the local “Tidy Towns” scheme. Much to little brother Morris’s embarrassment, Rudi is now Sandbar’s official doggie droppings ranger! As the Hooper parents’ pride grows, so does Morris’s trepidation. Will Rudi’s gross new pursuit end in disaster as Morris suspects just when fame is finally within reach? Or can Morris get to the bottom of the rather messy problem before everything hits the fan?

I must admit, with the title of Alan Horsfield’s chapter book, ‘Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper’, I was expecting a book full of corny toilet humour story-lines. However, as I settled into the book, I discovered it was a well-written story about family, siblings and town pride, plus dog poop, and I became a fan of Rudi Hooper, who cleaned up the mess that nobody else would.

Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper is a book full of everything—problems, conflict, cheating, inventions, sibling rivalry then support, all tied in very nicely with a large dose of humour. Every child, person and dog will relate to this story. Everyone has seen that person walking a dog, who, as the dog goes down into the poop squat, looks away, then charges off immediately afterward, not caring to scoop up the offending deposit left by the dog. Thankfully, Rudi has a solution for the problem, and gains fans and fame—almost in a good way, and totally in a dramatic way that will have kids in fits of giggles.

Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper is guaranteed to capture the attention of children. They’ll be struggling to hold in bellies full of laughter from the opening pages of this action-packed book. Their curiosity as to finding out what happens next will become like an unquenchable thirst. There is no doubt this book will be a go to for a second read.

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Title: Rudi Hooper’s Super Pooper-Scooper
By: Alan Horsfield
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925675160
Category: Children
Pages: 62

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
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