There’s a Koala in My Kitchen, book review


Title: There’s a Koala in My Kitchen
by: Sean Farrar
illustrated by: Pat Kan
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Have you ever found a furry Koala kidding around in your kitchen?
Or been hassled by a great white shark at your park?
Giggled at a Kookaburra causing chaos with Dad’s cooking?

Author, Sean Farrar, has written a rhyming picture book about creatures in and around an Aussie home. Is he fair dinkum that these creatures could be found there? Judge for yourself to see if they are believable, or not, possible, or not, likely, or not. As you turn the pages of the book, you will discover there is a character line up of popular and not so popular animals (including a great white shark with the loveliest teeth!) plus a little human (maybe, maybe not).

Artist, Pat Kan has created captivating illustrations that add another story to Sean’s story, and are sure to get a reaction from the reader, anywhere from Eeeeew! to Aaaaaah! to He he heeee!

Educationally, There’s a Koala in My Kitchen would be a fabulous book to innovate on, with students creating their own rhymes for the book characters, and re-reading to check the rhyme, rhythm and beat of their word combinations. I can imagine children out and about with their magnifying glasses spying creatures in and around their own home or school.

Purchase a copy: There’s a Koala in My Kitchen – Big Sky Publishing

Title: There’s a Koala in My Kitchen
by: Sean Farrar
illustrator: Pat Kan
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925520262
Category: children’s
Pages: 32

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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