Marvellous Mummy, a book review


Title: Marvellous Mummy
by: Katie Poli
illustrated by: Giuseppe Poli
Publisher: New Frontier

My mummy is cuddly and snuggly and warm.

Mums can be funny and friendly and gentle and strong … all in one day!
This sweet and simple picture book will delight Mums and children everywhere.

Marvellous Mummy is marvellous! Although, I’d liked to call it ‘Magnificent Marvellous Mummy’! Author, Katie Poli, has captured everything mums can, and have to be. Each page of the book captures the essence of a mother, whether it is when she’s being kind or caring, or silly or fancy, or noisy or grumpy, or clever or brave … mums are all of those things, plus more. And the plus more is the love imbued in the illustrations by illustrator, Giuseppe Poli.

Marvellous Mummy is an inspiring book. It not only celebrates the gentle, caring side of motherhood, but also the fiercely protective side of motherhood. It’s a feel-good picture book that hits you in the heart with an explosion of warm fuzzy feelings.

There’s a pause in the text of the story, three-quarters of the way through the book that I love, where a double page illustration resides. It’s like the story builds up in its crescendo, then glides in silence on that textless page, before the story floats down and resumes in gentle tones. It’s completely satisfying.

Illustrator, Giuseppe Poli has used the most glorious shades of colour throughout the story, hitting the ‘Mummy’ factor spot on. He has also used eye expression in the characters to show the love and adoration between the mother and child.

Marvellous Mummy has a high rating on the ‘read-aloud-ability’ scale. The variance of voice pitch, intonation and expression, when sharing Marvellous Mummy with your own child, or a group of children, will vary from soft to loud and strong, and back to soft again. I know that children will adore this book, particularly the repetitive three-word sentences that will have children joining in with the reading, and relishing in the feel of the words on their tongue as they say them – ‘Tickle, tickle, squeeze.’ See what I mean.

Marvellous Mummy is a beautiful book written and illustrated with heart. It will absolutely ‘sparkle, sparkle, shine’ into your memories as precious time shared with your child as you read it together.

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Title: Marvellous Mummy
by: Katie Poli
Illustrated by: Giuseppe Poli
Publisher: New Frontier
ISBN: 978-1-925594-18-8
Category: 3 – 6 years
Pages: 28

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
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