Eva’s Imagination, a book review


Title: Eva’s Imagination
by: Wenda Shurety
illustrated by: Karen Erasmus
Publisher: New Frontier

Eva is bored. Soooo bored.
‘What’s happened to your imagination, Eva?’ asks her mum.
So Eva and her faithful sidekick, Chops, set out on an adventure to find it …

‘Mum, I’m BORED!’ There isn’t a mother on the planet who hasn’t heard these words. But being bored is a very good thing. It’s a chance to unleash the amazing ability of the mind to imagine anything that’s possible and impossible. Where would we be without the imagination of those who have invented, found cures, explored Earth and beyond, and written stories?

Author, Wenda Shurety, has written an inspiring tale of discovery in her picture book, Eva’s Imagination. Young Eva is bored. Her mum asks, “What’s happened to your imagination?” But Eva doesn’t know what an imagination is, so she goes looking for it with her adorable dog, Chops, tagging behind. On her journey, she encounters fantastical landscapes and creatures amongst the real-life landscapes in her home, as her imagination kicks in without her realising it.


Illustrator, Karen Erasmus, has captured Eva’s imagination playfully, transforming ordinary household furniture and items into exciting places to explore. Children will enjoy looking for details in the imagination pictures like a game of ‘I spy’.

Wenda Shurety  has added an extra surprise into the story. It’s something found in an imaginary cave that will give children and adults alike a warm fuzzy moment. When you find it, it will make your heart smile.

Eva’s Imagination is a beautiful story that children will adore, while encouraging them to go on an adventure of their own, wherever they may be. This is most certainly a book to treasure.

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Title: Eva’s Imagination
by: Wenda Shurety
illustrated by: Karen Erasmus
Publisher: New Frontier
ISBN: 978-1-925594-23-2
Subject: Imagination
Age: 3 – 6 years
Pages: 32

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
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