Toby’s Tremendously Awesome Blow Off Juice, book review


Title: Toby’s Tremendously Awesome Blow Off Juice
by: Belinda Meredith
illustrated by: Lauren E Tarrant
Publisher: Mini Rhino Books

Toby is a fairly ordinary nine-year-old, but he has an extraordinary secret—he is the proud new owner of a time-traveling rocket! There’s just one problem. Toby needs some kind of special fuel to get his rocket moving. What’s a boy to do? Toby will have to use some quick thinking and a surprising secret ingredient to make his time machine finally fly, and that’s just the start of the adventure!

How do you describe the sound of a fart with words? According to author, Belinda Meredith, it’s pppplurrbbbhhhhh!!!!!!!! Say it out loud – it’s perfect for that bodily function that causes side splitting laughter the world over.

Toby’s Tremendously Awesome Blow Off Juice is a book that is going places. It all starts with a wobbly tooth and an ‘outside of the box thinking’ nine year old boy named Toby. He is a likeable and lively character who loves adventure. However, his curiosity and quest of making his life colourful, often places him in unusual predicaments, which he then has to find a solution to escape.

Toby is smart. He manages to trade items no longer of use to him for something he really wants. He is also persuasive, with the ability to talk anyone into a deal creating a win-win situation. But by far, he has a much bigger win.

Back to the wobbly tooth that started Toby’s greatest adventure – he manages to trade the tooth (once it has fallen out) for a ‘World’s Greatest Mathematician’ medal, which then is traded for a bmx bike, and traded again for a time traveling rocket.

Every child who reads this book will want to be in Toby’s shoes!

But here is the problem. Toby needs to find the fuel for the rocket. After witnessing the powerful effects of a brussel sprout fart from his brother, Sam, Toby ingeniously puts a call out for brussel sprouts to be sent to his address. And it works a treat.

Toby’s Tremendously Awesome Blow Off Juice has all the ingredients for a winning book with children. Belinda Meredith has included farts, a time travelling rocket, dinosaurs, a school incident that kids will love, and Smelly Nelly’s Super Stinky Pongy & Putrid Stink Bomb – a smell so rotten it is guaranteed to get rid of even your biggest enemies! She has also gone 500 years into the future with the time traveling rocket. The scene she paints with her words is fascinating and will make you think.

I love that this chapter book has pictures here and there. Artist, Lauren E Tarrant, has created fabulous illustrations to complement the story throughout the book that readers will appreciate.

Toby’s Tremendously Awesome Blow Off Juice is an action packed story that primary school aged children will love. Belinda Meredith has woven humour into every page of her story filled with Toby’s hilarious antics.

Children need laughter in our now fast paced world, and this book is guaranteed to make that happen. Expect to hear giggles of laughter when someone reads this book, a very welcome sound in everyone’s lives.

Toby’s Time Travel Adventures: Book 2 will be available soon.

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Title: Toby’s Tremendously Awesome Blow Off Juice
by: Belinda Meredith
illustrated by: Lauren E Tarrant
Publisher: Mini Rhino Books
ISBN: 9780648090007
Category: Children’s Chapter Book
Pages: 132

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