Melanie and Me, book review


Title: Melanie and Me
written by: Shaelie, Emma, Charlotte, Georgia, Oliver, Simon, London & Eve-Anneke, with Dr Tarn McLean & Emma Mactaggart
illustrated by: Shaelie, Emma, Charlotte, Georgia, Oliver, Simon, London & Eve-Anneke
Publisher: Child Writes

Melanie is happily oblivious to the effects of harmful UV rays as she plays outside all day – until it is too late and she gets burnt. Will Melanie spend her waking hours inside, or will she come up with an awesome strategy for playing outside – demonstrating her own resilience, her healthy respect for the sun and how it is her responsibility to be sun safe.

Melanie adores her best friend, the sun. Every day they play outside together.
‘Oh Melanie, Melanie – won’t you come and play with me?’ chants the sun.
But one day, the sun drops UV rays on her and Melanie’s skin is burnt. Her skin is achy and feels as though it is on fire. The sun starts to cry; his tears dripping and turning the sky different shades of grey.

After a while, Melanie is reunited with her best friend, but from now on she has sunscreen and clothing to keep her body protected.

Melanie and Me is a beautiful story where the words flow like a melody. It has been written by a group of talented young authors under the guidance of Dr Tarn McLean and Emma Mactaggart. It is a story you will want to read over again and again. But more importantly, is the message it contains – to keep your skin protected from the sun.


This book is endorsed by the Melanoma Awareness Foundation, Queensland, Australia, and 100% of sales are donated to them. The foundation is dedicated to saving lives from this potentially deadly disease, a disease that sadly takes the lives of almost twice as many Queenslanders as road fatalities.

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Title: Melanie and ME
written and illustrated by: Shaelie, Emma, Charlotte, Georgia, Oliver, Simon, London & Eve-Anneke, with Dr Tarn McLean & Emma Mactaggart
Publisher: Child Writes
ISBN: 9780646961620
Category: children’s picture books
Pages: 32

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Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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