The Kids’ Survival Guide “When I was Young…” and other brain-exploding lectures! book review


Title: The Kids’ Survival Guide “When I was young…” and other brain-exploding lectures!
by: Susan Berran
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Ever notice how adults have a gazillion annoying,
brain-exploding lectures that they repeat over and over and over!?

Like when you ask for pocket-money and you hear those five
terrifying little words… “When I was your age…”

Yeah, yeah I know. When you were my age – six hundred and
ninety-eight years ago when you had a dinosaur for a pet!

Well, get ready to strike back. No more boring lectures,
dumb sayings or annoying rules. I’m going to teach you how to
twist them, flip them, turn them and slam them right back!

Sam lives in the city and loves surfing and hanging out with his mates. Everything is totally awesome until along comes Miss Smelly Melly Poop Pants. And to make matters worse – BOOM – the family moves to the countryside, surrounded by dead-boring hills, dead grass, dead trees and dead sheep! Sam is really peeved, until Jared turns up.

As new best mates, Sam and Jared hang out and get creative with a secret dung-flunger and a Super Charged Cow Crapper Attacker which happens to get them into deep trouble. But then Sam finds the book of all books hidden amongst the toilet cleaning products in the cupboard – ‘Boring Useless Lectures, Lessons, Childrens’ Rules And Punishments’ – BULLCRAP for short.

From here, Sam’s story takes a turn explaining rules of the book in five parts –
Part 1 – Boring Lectures that Explode Your Brain and How to Get Out of Them
Part 2 – Awesome Excuses and Uses
Part 3 – Bending the Rules
Part 4 – Dumb Things Parents Say!
Part 5 – Getting Out of Things with Games That You Never Lose

Author, Susan Berran, has written a fast-paced, action-packed story that will have children sniggering at the events, and some will be nodding their heads at the familiarity of words seemingly used by parents, the world over. Susan has listed an instruction for kids on page 6 – But whatever you do – Don’t let an adult get hold of this book, or you and every other kid on the planet are doomed. After reading the book, I understand the need for the instruction, clearly.

Purchase a copy: Big Sky Publishing – The Kids Survival Guide

Title: The Kids’ Survival Guide “When I was young…” and other brain-exploding lectures!
by: Susan Berran
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 9781925520071
Category: primary school age
Pages: 102

Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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