Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Outback Adventure, book review


Title: Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Outback Adventure
by: Jane Smith
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Tommy Bell’s safe outback holiday on a farm with Martin and Combo is turned upside down when Martin finds a pair of magic old bushranger’s boots. This time, when Tommy’s cabbage-tree hat sends him back to the past, his friend Martin is right there beside him.
The boys join their new friend, Harry, and his gang on a long cattle-droving expedition across Outback Australia. For once it seems as if a journey to the past might be pure, fun adventure, without any risk of running into bushrangers. But why did Harry lie about his past? And who are the ‘thievin’’ McKenzies? It looks like Tommy and Martin’s ‘Outback Adventure’ might be more dangerous than they expected …

Australian history has never been more interesting. Author, Jane Smith, has captured the life of bushranger, Harry Readford, with accurate observation through the eyes of young characters, Tommy Bell and Martin.

Tommy is invited to the middle of nowhere by his friend, Martin. He finds himself at Bowen Downs Station, right in the middle of Queensland. Tommy becomes concerned when Martin discovers a pair of old boots in a cave. He throws on his cabbage tree hat at the same time that Martin puts on the old boots as he is worried about what will happen to his friend. His suspicions of a time machine are confirmed when they go back to 1870. Tommy is well acquainted with the time machine, as his secret treasured hat is also one, and has already taken him on other history adventures.

Tommy and Martin find themselves part of the famous Harry Readford’s gang on a long cattle droving expedition across outback Australia. When Tommy and Martin discover that the cattle are stolen, they choose to return to the present. But the adventure doesn’t stop there…

Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Outback Adventure, is the fourth book in the Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy collection – a remarkable Australian series where fictional characters watch Australian history unfold before their eyes. I highly recommend it for educational institutions and independent readers.

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Teacher notes: Australian Bushranger Series by Jane Smith Teacher Notes.pdf

Title: Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Outback Adventure
by: Jane Smith
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-925520-84-2
Category: primary school age children
Pages: 105


Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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