Flavio the Flamingo, book review








Title: Flavio the Flamingo
by: Cassidy Jackson-Carroll
illustrated by: Graeme Compton
Publisher: Little Steps

Flavio the Flamingo has lost his colour pink.
‘Whatever will I do?’ he started to think.

Flavio the Flamingo is having an identity crisis. He embarks on a quest, searching high, low and everywhere in between to find his colour!

Children will love Flavio the Flamingo, written by author, Cassidy Jackson-Carroll. Flavio is an adorable character who has lost his colour. He goes in search of his pink, asking a variety of animals along the way – a zebra, giraffe, meerkat, leopard, and a hippo.

Illustrator, Graeme Compton, has portrayed the emotions of Flavio with skill, by the use of flamingo body language, helping the reader to connect emotionally to the flamingo who has lost his pink colour.






Flavio the Flamingo is a picture book that invites questions like – Why did Flavio lose his pink? What happened to him? Where did he find it again? Why did his pink colour come back? If you could lose a colour, what colour would it be, and why? How would you get your colour back?







Cassidy Jackson-Carroll has written Flavio the Flamingo in rhyming text, which encourages success in learning to read. The entire package of story and beautiful illustrations will have children re-reading the book over and over again. It is a heart-warming tale about belonging and finding your tribe.







Purchase a copy: http://www.littlesteps.com.au/books/

Title: Flavio the Flamingo
by: Cassidy Jackson-Carroll
illustrated by: Graeme Compton
Publisher: Little Steps
ISBN: 9781925545388
Category: picture books
Pages: 32


Reviewed by Julieann Wallace
(Dip T, B. Ed, Author, Illustrator, Tea Ninja, Cadbury Chocolate Annihilator)

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